Selection process

Our selection process consists of two parts and takes place in Michaelmas Term (from November to December):

The electronic form

First of all, you must fill in the form on this website. In order to be eligible for Experience Cambridge, you must answer YES to the following questions:

• Are you a Czech or Slovak citizen in your penultimate year at the Czech or Slovak secondary school?

• Do you have excellent results in the subject you would like to pursue at the university (we will need you to provide the end of year school report from the previous academic year)?

• Is your grades average 1.5 or below?

For the second part of the selection process, we will pick the most enthusiastic and hardworking students who will clearly demonstrate a passion for the subject they would like to study at Cambridge. For example, the extracurricular activities (e.g. various olympiads, success in competitions, participation in student councils,  youth exchanges, etc.) and a track of excellent grades in that area are a great way to do so.

The interview

The interviews will take place in November and December via Skype. They will be carried out in English. Our main goal will be to get to know you, to learn more about your academic as well as non-academic achievements and your motivation. You have nothing to worry about, just persuade us that you truly are passionate about the area of your interest. All of the interviewees will be informed about the results no later than by the 15th of December.

What to expect once you are in Cambridge

Simply put, four days and three nights in one of the most inspiring places in the world during the Lent term (sometime between January and March). A few weeks before your trip, we will put you in touch with the student who will be hosting you and will be your mentor during your stay. This student will be reading the subject of your interest (or similar). He or she will help you with the logistics of planning your trip and will meet you once you arrive in Cambridge. During your time at the University, we will cover your meals and provide the accommodation for you. Moreover, you will see the colleges, the departments, the libraries, and the museums. You will attend the lectures and experience formal halls (yes, they look like from the Harry Potter movies and students wear long black gowns). You will meet not only the members of our Czech and Slovak community, but also the brightest minds from all around the world. And if you are lucky, you may run into Stephen Hawking!city skyline vector silhouette