The idea

The University of Cambridge has over 800 years old tradition of attracting the brightest minds from all around the world. Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, Stephen Hawking, Oliver Cromwell, Hugh Laurie, Francis Bacon, Ian McKellen or Alan Turing. These are just a very few alumni who came to develop their potential and fulfill their dreams at Cambridge. Would you like to do the same?

We are more than aware that the students in Czech and Slovak Republic possess great talents in various fields – whether it is the sciences, the humanities or the arts. However, in order to make these talents beneficial for the society, they must be developed to their fullest extent. So far as we can judge, Cambridge is one of the most inspiring, challenging and life-changing places in the world. Unfortunately, it is also extensively riddled with myths presenting the University as extremely expensive, elitist, and unreachable. None of this is true.

And as the saying goes, it is better to see something once, than to hear about it a thousand times. Thus we would like to offer you a golden opportunity to come and experience Cambridge on your own for a few days. The lectures, the supervisions, the way of life. We will cover your expenses and pair you up with one of our current students whom you will ‘shadow’ around.¬†Eventually, we hope to spread the information about the possibility of studying at one of the world’s best universities, and to destroy the false myths. We would like to encourage more Czech and Slovak secondary school students to apply each year. The only thing that matters is your potential and willingness to work hard. If you have these, apply and experience Cambridge.

Who are we looking for

As we mentioned earlier, we are searching for the most talented and hard-working students from the Czech and Slovak secondary schools in their penultimate year. Do you have excellent grades in the subjects you would like to study at the University? Is your grades average 1,5 or below? Do you have extracurricular activities demonstrating the passion for your field of interest? Apply, persuade us that you truly love your subject, and we can promise you an unforgettable Cambridge experience. We believe that your potential is the only thing that matters. In order to make Experience Cambridge accessible to everyone, we will cover significant part of your expenses. We hope that once you see Cambridge you will realize that it is an option for everyone. To find out more about the selection process and criteria, visit the section ‘The Project’.

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