Student Feedback

Eliška Rezková

Experience Cambridge was a unique opportunity for me to take a taste of students’ life abroad, moreover, at one of the most prestigious universities in the world. I was leaving for Cambridge with a lot of expectations and a little bit of anxiety for I had no idea what the project was going to be like for real. When going back home, I felt even more anxious because Experience Cambridge were an amazing and exceptional 4 days I spent abroad and left me with so many motivating impulses that I feel like they’re going to let me dream big – not only in my academic future – for quite a long time.

Tereza Kačerová

When I was flying to Cambridge I was a bit concerned and I didn’t know what to expect. However, all my worries vanished, when I arrived and met my mentor who was a nice and kind person (thank you, Lucka!). Finally, I spent in Cambridge four amazing days and I was really impressed by the wonderful atmosphere of the city. During the four days, I’ve met many new friends, seen fantastic places and tried many new activities (especially I’ve been punting for the first time in my life :)). Overall, I have to say that the whole program was a wonderful experience and inspiration and I’m really glad that I had the opportunity to take part in it!

Paulína Smolárová

I was very surprised at first when I was chosen and now after the weekend in Cambridge I can just say –  it was great. I’d never been in England before that weekend and it gave me Cambridge as something real. I really liked these two evening lectures I attended. The improvisation society meeting (or whatever it was) and the formal were just another amazing experiences that convinced me to try to get to Cambridge.

Adam Turňa

What I liked the most about Cambridge was the friendly atmosphere, that you created for us, and the fact that mentors as well as organisers were very complaisant. Thank you for showing me that Cambridge is not full of anti-social and inhuman geniuses, but there are mainly modest and friendly students who do what they love. This experience confirmed that actions have the highest value when they are genuine. I liked that you showed us Cambridge from your subjective point of view , that it was not like a tourist experience. Moreover, I was very happy that you chose me a great mentor. I liked that you all were very humane.

Jakub Lušnák

I think that EC was very unique  experience, because we had an opportunity to meet students from Cambridge and visit lectures from this university itself. Now, after participation I feel more motivated than ever! I’m delighted to be chosen, because I could live the life of a student at Cambridge for 4 days. At the first, I thought that It’ll be totally different, but now I changed my mind (in a good way of course!). Because of the EC, I had the opportunity to see a lot of colleges and historical buildings all over the Cambridge. It was extremely powerful experience and I would proudly recommend this project to another Slovak students! Anyway, It’s really nice to see Slovak and Czech students from Cambridge helping high school students. I would like to specially thank my mentor Adam Přáďa who spent his free time (it’s not exactly free time, it’s all about priority and that’s why I respect him so much) with me, explained a lot of things to me f.e. Bra-ket notation in QM or how to write labs in LaTeX. Also other mentors were great and I had great talk with them. That’s why I want to thanks EC team and all of the mentors for their time which they spent with us few weeks ago. At the end, I just want to say big Thank you EC team! It was great experience, great people, simply said it was great Experience Cambridge :).

Michal Starý

It’s hard to say what particularly I liked about Experience Cambridge because I liked simply everything. The opportunity to see the student’s life in Cambridge from inside caused big changes in my plans for the future. It showed me that even the University of Cambridge is not only for rich and ingenious ones but also for passionate and determined ones. I really liked the atmosphere and tradition, in particular, the formal dinner was impressive. Still, the very best thing was that mentors and all others considered us as friends and not as some kids.